A Skilled Workforce for California’s Energy, Construction, & Utility Sector

Engaging the state’s primary educators and industry leaders to align workforce development with decarbonization policy, technology, and markets, emphasizing social and economic mobility.

Goal: Bridge regional workforce capacity and competency gaps.

TESC unifies education and training programs among Community Colleges, Apprenticeships, and Community-Based Organizations to achieve the triple bottom line of triple bottom line of Economy, Environment, and Equity. Guided by industry and economic development bodies, it also provides a neutral data source to inform stakeholders and policymakers, supporting workforce actions to achieve California’s decarbonization goals.


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Californians live in disadvantaged communities
annual ECU Job openings
employed in the ECU sector
Annual growth in the advanced energy economy

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California is faced with two challenges: (1) engaging more entry level workers from disadvantaged communities in advanced energy careers and (2) managing the transition from traditionally blue-collar jobs into positions that require increased skills in automation and information/communications systems. The reports below offer insights into these challenges and the opportunities they create.

Please see Regional Snapshots that detail the environmental and economic challenges faced by disadvantaged communities.

Regional Snapshots

Regional forums combine industry and economic development perspectives to build the case for action at the regional level.

The Energy Skills Collaborative has conducted three regional forums across the state.